Intro Videos And Our Intro Maker Are More Important Than Ever!

introchamp May 30, 2018

Intro Videos And Our Intro Maker Are More Important Than Ever!

If you're wondering whether your time would be well spent on acquiring an intro video, Here are some reasons why we think that adding a video intro to your youtube content is well worth it.

Your customers will be far more likely to remember your brand.

Think about the music from your favorite tv shows, you are likely to be able to sing or at least hum those tunes even after the passage of years. Let's examine the intro animation from the show "The Office". Even casual viewers will quickly learn to associate the intro video with what it's like to work at a full time job and even subconsciously chuckle to themselves as they relate those characters to people in their real life place of employment.

An intro video and our intro maker are the most affordable and memorable way to start building your branding on youtube and other video platforms.

We make it easy at introchamp. Our intro maker allows customers to create powerful, professional video intros in mere minutes. Our variety of professional video intros is staggering. There is sure to be an intro video for most any venture, product or service.

Intro videos are also a sure-fire way to elevate the level of professionalism in your online video productions.

Viewers will at once get a sense of how serious you are about your message by viewing the first few seconds of your intro videos. They will make up their minds quickly, determining whether the time they spend watching your video content will be time well spent and an experience that they will remember and even share with others.

An intro video will also give your viewers a quick idea of what to expect from your content and a level of trust in what lies beyond the opening video title. 

A sufficient intro video for youtube should last anywhere from 4 to 15 seconds depending on your audience and the complexity of the remaining content. 

Viewers have the option of watching countless videos on the internet. It's important that you endeavor to rise above the noise and traffic of the usual stale and boring video offerings.

Think for a minute what it might mean for your video content to be elevated by a professional intro video.

We're certain that upon reflection, you will conclude that introchamp's fast and easy intro maker can play a vital role in your journey to capture your viewer's attention and spread your important message.

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