Keep Your Audience Entertained-Facebook Video Marketing

introchamp December 14, 2018

Keep Your Audience Entertained-Facebook Video Marketing
How To Attract Attention to Your Facebook Video 
It is important to remember that Facebook, is an epicenter for vast amounts of online media content. So, it is easy for online users to experience sensory overload. Your goal, as an online video content creator, is to produce videos that have either a straightforward purpose, or that utilize sensory elements, and require engagement. The best Facebook and YouTube video intros include the subject, whether that is the content creator or a hint to what the remainder of the video is going to be focused on. 

Introductory Video Sequence (intro video)

It is a rule of thumb to keep introductory sequences as short as possible. A proper video introduction sequence can last anywhere from 8 seconds to 15 seconds, depending on the content, and still manage to hold your target audience’s attention. Any longer, and you risk a viewer, and potential future customer, clicking away from your promotional ad or video series. A viewer wants their content, and they want it quick and easy. 

The less fluff, or filler content that you have in your video, the more likely you are to establish reliability and reputation with your audience. This is why introduction sequences are an essential component of online video marketing, because they give viewers a small taste of who you are as a creator and what your are passionate about. 
Will this video inform, entertain, or empower me? Viewers should be able to answer these questions, in the first few seconds of the video. 

Conclusion Video Sequence 

Another technique utilized by some of the social media’s top creators is conclusion video sequences, otherwise known as an outro. Similar to introduction video sequences, conclusion sequences can emphasize new and vital forthcoming information, or merely serve to summarize and reiterate important information in the video. Conclusion video sequences are communications towards the end of your video or a stand-alone creative element. 

Regarding marketing, the conclusion video sequence is excellent at making a video, regardless of length, memorable and also provide the viewer with a sense of finality. 

Thumbnail and Headliner 

Choosing the right image for your video thumbnail can serve as another marketing tool. The right image can act as a visual aid, in attracting and maintaining your target audience. Thumbnail Images to consider posting include but are not limited to, stills of actual video content, popular or trending elements, headliner topics, and graphic design elements. 

In addition to a visually stimulating thumbnail, the most heavily attracted videos, have the most exciting headliners. So, it is essential to have fun with your headliner, make it appealing to your target audience and make it interesting. 

Facebook Watch 

Facebook Watch, aims to go up against mega streaming and TV brands, such as Sony TV and Amazon TV. Facebook Watch was launched on Facebook on August 10, 2017, where it had aspirations to follow in the footsteps, of other original TV show and content enterprises, such as HULU, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Facebook Watch allows new and unique videos to be easily accessed to online users 

Online Video Marketing 

Online videos and Facebook videos are done better with proper marketing. Whether you intended to post your video on your profile, or a media platform, such as YouTube or Facebook, it is essential to think about how you want to market your video. 
Any available online video intro maker especially programs YouTube intro maker software, it specialized designed to make a visually stunning and comprehensive introductory sequence. 

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Thousands of customizable intro video templates are available on the IntroChamp website, that is easy for customers to integrate into their existing videos. After a template is selected on the website, and customized to your specifications, a downloadable link is created, giving you access to your finished video product. 

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