Outros are as important as Intros

introchamp July 20, 2018

Outros are as important as Intros

Outros, why are they important?

A large number of my customers ask "Would it be a good idea for me to do both an Outro and an intro video? Will adding an outro to the end of my video help my stay connected to my viewers?

Outros and intros take advantage of the primacy, recency theory... meaning that customers remember what the see first and last. 

I thought I'd give a concise outline on why both outros and intros are critical to have in your video productions. video outros and intros make you videos recognizable and cohesive, and additionally create an opportunity for your viewers to take action at the end. 

"Introductions" or INTROS

Video intros are imperative to have so your viewers know and becomes comfortable with your identity and can consistently recognize your branding. They also create an opportunity for your customers to become devoted to your channel and your identity! In the event that your intro and outro video doesn't do these three things, introchamp offers a great opportunity to get an and affordable intro and outro video that will help you capture your viewers. 

Length: My most extreme length of an introduction is 15 seconds. Any more than that and viewers may lose patience and leave your video. I for one like introductions that are short and effective and have an infectious tune and creative visual elements. 

Where should the intro video be placed?: Some put it at the exact start of the video while others hold up until around 30 seconds into the video. Both instances work well! 

"EndSlates" Or Outros

Outros, likewise referred to as "EndSlates" are critical if the individual viewing your video watches the whole video and desires to proceed with your suggestion to take action, regardless of whether your call to action is a download, a suggestion for the next video or a plea to subscribe, try to have an outro video to closed the deal and create an opportunity for your customers to engage with your brand. 

Youtube offers great options that allow you to hyperlink different portions of your outro video to make them clickable. This can allow viewers to click to your next video or subscribe to your youtube channel or othewise engage the viewer with something else that helps with your branding. 

A video outro offers a convenient way to keep viewers on your channel. They can remind your watchers to get notices of future recordings! These can be included by means of annotations and other various settings in youtube. 

Keep in mind that you can likewise have your social connections and clickable site links in the description, you can just as easily make the outro interactive with hyperlinks. 

Take a look at the introchamp outro category and you will quickly see how an outro video can help capture your viewer's attention and help with your branding.

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