How Much Youtube Pays

introchamp June 28, 2017

How Much Youtube Pays

How Much Do Youtubers Make.

Because of virtualization people are more interested in seeing things than reading them. Before it used to stories and scripts, or content which used to attract people. But nowadays, there are many different types of alternatives available in the digital world. Seeing things digitally is more fun than reading it digitally. That is why there are lots of change and options available with the help of the internet.

Internet and digital world.

Effective youtube videos consist of more than just uploading content and crossing your fingers.

A digital world which commonly named as one of the aspects of the internet. The internet is something which created a huge change in the people’s life. There are different gadgets, application and technology, which is supported with these different aspects of the internet. However, other than this there is some of the explosion in the field of internet and digital world. And they are as follows.

·         YouTube

·         Blogs

·         Online Marketing / Selling


One of the platforms where all sorts of informational videos can be shared with the world. Most of the videos and advertisements shared on the YouTube platform are provided for the usage of people. This platform helps people in understanding and learning new things from their home without any extra cost. Moreover, to use YouTube, all you need need is internet and a device to display it on.


Blogs work in a similar ways to the YouTube, but the difference is that YouTube channels take on all sorts of educational and informational videos. Also, blogs deliver written content of information which is required to reach people with the help online platform. It is also one of the earning sources which can be mentioned in the several advertisement websites.

Online marketing.

Online marketing can be termed in the form which include different source of advertisements. The main reason behind launching these online marketing websites is to deliver better marketing opportunities for normal vendors. These online marketing requirements can be advertised using above mentioned online platforms such as YouTube and Blogs.

YouTube Payments.

YouTube is one of the channels which encourages informational and educational videos and animations. There are different aspects of YouTube payments and they are as follows.

·         Payments as per views.

YouTube users receive payments in terms of their pay per view scenario. For example, a user uploaded a video in his or her YouTube channel and if that uploaded video receive high number of views. Then the video creator receives cash money per view. This payment varies per views. And for instance, a YouTube video creator might possibly receive a payment of $10,000 per 100,000 per views.


·         Payments as per Share.

Uploaded videos can be shared in different online platforms, such as social media, Facebook, Twitter and many more. These social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Snapchat reach vast number people. And that is why these YouTube videos are shared through social media platforms. Which instantly results them with higher number video shares and views.


·         Payments as per advertisements.

Other than views and shares using different social media and online marketing platforms. A YouTube user or a YouTuber can earn better amount of money by adding profitable advertisements in their YouTube channels. There are some of the company who sponsors these YouTuber’s channels for better profit. These YouTube Channels are one of the major discovery in the field of online marketing. Apparently, a single advertisement shown in the YouTube channel can cost $18. Therefore, if users keep sharing those videos or content, then the YouTuber might receive a higher amount of the payments.


·         Payments as per contents.

All channels and social media platforms require content to be posted. These content to be created need to be designed with the help of content writers. And while posting a content using YouTube platform, a user can make use of advertisement links. These advertisement links deliver an amount of $27 per 1,000 views. Similarly, the user 68 percentages of revenue share with a single view of such an advertisement link.

Some ideas to get an easy payment using YouTube.

All Youtuber knows how YouTube works. The main thing these YouTubers should know about is that how it actually works on the monetary basis. The most common information and discussion are shared and viewed with the help of YouTube. People with knowledge of technology and the internet acquiring higher dimensions in the field of digital marketing and profit making. Some ideas to get paid by YouTube is mentioned below.

·         Showing advertisements link at the start.

Some Youtubers use advertisements link at the very beginning of their YouTube videos. These advertisement links can be provided by their sponsors or the upcoming activity videos of the YouTube channels. Similarly, this idea of adding advertisement links at the beginning of the video can hold viewers' attention properly.


·         Choosing Sponsors.

Even YouTube can use Sponsors for their business betterment in the virtual manner. These sponsors provide financial support and good will for the name of the channels. Nowadays, YouTube users support their sponsors for encouraging their talent on the basis of their online presence. Such as prank videos, cooking shows, educational videos and much more.

·         Use of Patreons.

These Patreon links are nothing but a charity or foundations available in the YouTube channels. Every single view and share of such YouTube video gets a 10 percentage of their profit donated to a good cause. Moreover, by this cat of kindness these YouTube channel receives a good amount online traffic for their online channel.

Payment basis according to the YouTubers.

Every payment received by a YouTuber is a result of a popular liking and sharing of a particular information posted online. And these online posts are judged on the basis of their views, shares and likes. Moreover, there are certain limitation, depending upon payment delivered by YouTube channels and they are s follows.

·         As per views per video.

Every time a person looks into a YouTube channel, at that time the creator of the YouTube channel receives an amount of 1.50 dollars per every 1,000 views. However, these videos shared and viewed in the YouTube need to be a clean and clear content. Some of the objectionable contents are not advertised in these YouTube channels. The YouTube channels are one of the major aspect of reaching million of people with a click of a button.


·         As per video subscribers.

Other than video viewing and sharing, the YouTube channels provide a better option at reaching related videos in the same YouTube channel. And that is Subscription option available below the video posted online. These subscription options provide a better chance of viewing more interested videos from the same YouTube channels.


·         Use of AdBlocks.

Most of the YouTube users make use of AdBlocks just because for the safety of their children. These Adblocks deliver a service where the YouTube user can make use of these Adblock for the safety of their children or else to keep them safe for their children. Apparently, kids watch YouTube for their part of the fun. But while watching those videos there will be advertisements which keep popping up. And suddenly if one of the kid click on the link, then the content shown in the video can be dangerous for kids to see. Therefore, these ADblock prohibit such type of situations.


·         Launching sponsor videos.

While adding advertisements and necessary information on the video, the YouTuber designs campaign for their YouTube sponsors. These sponsors provide financial and emotional support for their creative ideas. And along with all YouTube video, these sponsors receive a good amount of fan following for their professional company profile and for their company background .

Things to keep in to get paid using YouTube.

Some of the ideas discussed above are the major points to keep in mind while adding such viral videos on the internet using YouTube. But to receive a good amount of profit on a daily basis, the YouTuber need to keep these things in mind. And they are,

·         Minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

Every time the YouTuber posts any interesting videos, the sponsor and the YouTuber make sure of advertising it in all possible online platforms. And to receive a minimum amount of profit, the YouTube need to reach a minimum 1,000 subscribers for their YouTuber videos. It is one of the mandatory condition for the popularity of the videos posted on the YouTube.


·         Be cautious about all unrelated companies.

The online market is full of frauds and hackers. Therefore, while transacting any details in the online platform an user need to be sure about all aspects. Similarly, when it comes to YouTube channels, there is a possibility of companies reaching out to the YouTube channels providing better business opportunity. Therefore, at that time instead of being greedy a YouTuber can be smart and search all information about the company to stay healthy in the online business.

All the information about YouTubers and their earnings is just for the informational basis. There are some views and assumptions about YouTube earnings. Therefore, to clear out this assumption, all these information about YouTube and their money making ideas are discussed and disclosed.

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