How to Make Your YouTube Intro Count

introchamp June 24, 2017

How to Make Your YouTube Intro Count

How to Make Your YouTube Intro Count?

In general, many people decide whether or not to view a video only after seeing the intro. Your intro should be eye-catching and compelling to entice visitors to view the video to its completion. Let's find out how!

YouTube is actually making a difference in many of our lives personally. Some are really making great incomes from this excellent video site. Some people use this source to market their business and to reach out a larger audience of consumers. Everyone making a YouTube video hopes that his/her video will be viewed by many people. This is where eye-catching YouTube intros will truly help.

Some people just post their videos on YouTube without making any intro. But, intros can add value to your video and will bring in more traffic. There are many other benefits you can gain from having a professional Intro.

Why is an intro important for a video on YouTube?

A good intro will help your viewers learn about who you are. It puts your audience in a position to know what can be expected from the video by simply watching the intro. Intros are highly beneficial as they are capable enough to grab audience attention if they are created in a professional manner. In addition, it is often helpful when people share your video on other platforms apart from YouTube. They can simply record your intro content and then post the same to the other video sharing platforms. Compelling video content is happily shared and posted, prompting others to do likewise and share your video.

My Personal experience:

When I was trying to make my YouTube videos to attract a huge crowd, I tried out different strategies. Let me tell you one thing: Nothing really turned out good results for me. With the suggestion of one of my friends, who is in the digital marketing domain, I thought about making an intro for YouTube attractive. I did the same and I cannot even believe my eyes. Yes, traffic started to flow in like anything. All visitors, who got to my video started to view my videos completely. Thanks to the YouTube intro maker that truly helped me to generate more traffic. This, in turn, helped me to turn the leads visiting my YouTube videos as my customers.

Tips for compelling YouTube Intro:

It is quite natural that like me, you too wish to generate more traffic to your YouTube videos. The elixir for your success lies with YouTube Intro. So, here are some tips to help you with making the best intro for your YouTube videos:

Have you already established a following? Then, keep your intro short:

As you know, an intro is a small clip to introduce yourself and also the theme of your video. The thing I would like to suggest is that you should keep your intro short. It should not be longer than 5 seconds. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. For instance, if you wish to introduce your game, you should introduce all the characters involved in the game. Otherwise, an intro should carry your visual identity. It should say what your channel is all about. You should show your YouTube name, and if you have good stats, you can show them as well. You can show the images of your product/service.

Consider using a mishmash of previous popular videos:

Some of your previous videos might have attracted many views and shares. Just take some clips from those videos and add them in your YouTube intros. As the clips are already popular, they will automatically be identified as something useful. Even with the short clips from the previous successful videos, the first time visitors to your videos will know who you are and they will get to know your success as well. This, in turns, will motivate them to view your video. Not just this video, it will encourage them to search for other videos that you have posted earlier.

Use intro on YouTube as the reference point:

Is your latest video is an addition to the ongoing series of videos, or if you intend to share some good past videos that you want your new visitors to view, your intro can provide you an excellent opportunity for the same. With the help of the annotations feature, you can add a link to your previous video in your intro. For instance, in case, your latest video is a continuation of its predecessor, you can use annotation feature to link back to the previous video. This means that those viewing the video for the first time can know how it all started. But, remember to add annotations at the intro rather than at the end of the video. This will help you keep the clutter out of the real video to make sure that your actual viewers will not be distracted by comments or links.

Use YouTube intro maker:

Another suggestion that I already gave you is to go for a YouTube intro maker. There are many such makers available in the market. But, you should look for the one with the best features. The best intro maker will provide you many templates from which you can choose the appropriate one for creating your intro. These tools will make your intro-making process easier and fun. You can insert your own clips on the templates, which makes intro-making easier. Also, the best intro generating templates are created understanding the demand of YouTube viewers and so they truly sell.


Let me tell you one thing: it is stated that content in the king in any marketing campaign. Similarly, the best YouTube intro is really the king in bringing the best success and popularity to your YouTube channel. When your business’s YouTube account gains popularity in the virtual world, the same popularity will reflect in the real world as well. The reason is that most people these days use YouTube for any information they look for. After viewing, they get back to their family to share the things they viewed. Similarly, your visitors will share their thoughts about your intro, thereby bringing word-of-the-mouth popularity to your YouTube Channel.

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